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5 Bad Foods to Avoid From Your Dentist in Fort Walton Beach

March 24, 2017

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Your dentist in Fort Walton Beach offers great tips to keep your dental health optimal.Have you heard that saying, “you are what you eat?” This statement definitely holds up for your dental health. You can clearly see what types of foods and drinks you enjoy just by the condition and tint of your teeth. Many foods and beverages can cause plaque, which if left stagnant on your teeth and gums for too long, can cause serious damage to your smile. Sugary snacks, highly acidic foods, and staining foods and drinks cause your enamel to break down. This leaves your teeth vulnerable to tooth decay. Your dentist in Fort Worth wants you to know what foods you should avoid to keep good oral health. Here are some healthy tips from Dr. Benjamin Hodges.

1.    Monitor your citrus intake.

Yeah, fruits are a healthy food! But, the truth is that frequent exposure to acidic foods can wear down your enamel. This makes your teeth more vulnerable to tooth decay, breakage, and tooth loss. Citrus fruits and juices also irritate mouth sores. Make sure you drink large amounts of water after consuming acidic foods to wash your mouth out.

2.    Coffee isn’t really that great for you.

When served black, coffee and teas can be considered healthy beverages. Besides that great boost of energy, coffee is horrible for your teeth when you start adding sugary substances to enhance the flavor. Not to mention, the dark color of coffee and tea dull your smile overtime, penetrating the deep levels of your enamel and dentin. Also, caffeine tends to dry out your mouth. If you decide to consume coffee or tea, make sure to drink plenty of water afterwards.

3.    Limit your soda consumption.

When you eat sugary foods or sip what your dentist would call “liquid sugar”—soda—plaque and dangerous bacteria use that sugar to attack your enamel. Diet sodas are still acidic and contain artificial sugars that are bad for your teeth. The best thing you can do for your teeth is to just swap out sugary, carbonated drinks with water.

4.    Avoid hard and sticky foods.

Also known as candy! Hard teeth put your smile at risk for cracks and chips unnecessarily. If you must have a hard candy, try to break it down with your saliva rather than your precious teeth. Sticky foods stay on your teeth longer than most foods and cause cavities quick! It’s best to brush and floss after eating sticky foods to remove any leftovers lingering on and between your teeth.

5.    Enjoy your alcohol in moderation.

Any form of alcohol consumption causes dehydration. People who drink in excess may find that their levels of saliva have reduced overtime. This is horrible for your dental health because it can lead to tooth decay and other oral infections. After all, saliva is your body’s natural mouth wash. In addition to those risks, drinking alcohol often increases your risk for oral cancer by a third!

Over the years, it’s natural for your enamel to darken and become stained. It’s also normal for your teeth to undergo some wear and tear, but your Fort Walton Beach dentist is here to provide you the services you need.  Our office offers preventive dentistry and cosmetic dentistry to avoid and correct dental problems caused by your day to day diet. Contact our Fort Walton Beach office to see how Dr. Hodges can help you!

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