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Dentist in Pensacola Saves Smiles from Unwanted Dental Pain

December 23, 2017

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dental checkup woman smilingWhen you have dental pain, what is your first reaction? Do you take over the counter medication and try to forget about it? Or do you call your local dentist in Pensacola for expert dental advice and possible oral health care?

We hope that you’re the patient that would rely on the help from a dental professional because toothaches aren’t just painful—they can be deadly! Learn more about why you shouldn’t ever ignore dental pain like toothaches in this week’s blog post.

The Top Reasons for a Toothache

You might think you’re just experiencing a little dental pain, but in reality, you could be undergoing any one of these dental problems:

  • Tooth decay can cause the tooth and surrounding areas to really hurt if it reaches the inner layer of the tooth (the dentin layer). This can cause tooth sensitivity.
  • Sensitive teeth can be caused by abnormal wear and tear of the teeth, but your dentist can easily help you address that with proper dental products and preventive treatments.
  • Damaged fillings can expose the sensitive part of your teeth to extreme temperatures in food and drinks. Your dentist can help you repair your dental work, solving that problem.
  • Dental trauma or fracture can cause an intense toothache. If it’s intolerable, treat the situation like a dental emergency and seek help immediately.
  • Growing wisdom teeth can cause dental pain in the back of the mouth. Sometimes, it’s absolutely necessary to remove them, so it’s best to see a dentist for clarification.
  • Sinus infections, believe it or not, can cause tenderness in the upper jaw from nasal congestion.
  • Tooth abscess or infection can be caused by a cavity that has already affected the root that’s below the gum line (it’s very sensitive and will cause dental pain). This is extremely important to address because once your gum line has a hole in it, the infection can spread to other areas of the body—even the brain, causing strokes!

Addressing Serious Toothaches with a Root Canal

As mentioned above, a toothache can be deadly—especially when it’s caused by an abscessed or infected tooth. Although they aren’t ideal, root canals work to save your natural teeth. Plus, with the advanced technology and sedation options that are available today, the procedure may be much more comfortable than you’re anticipating.  In fact, a root canal can help you restore your smile’s normal comfort!

Understanding the Procedure

After evaluating your toothache and determining root canals are the best way to treat your dental issue, you’ll discuss comfort options. You’ll be sedated and/or treated with a local anesthetic. Then, the treatment is completed in these simple steps:

  • Your dentist will access the inner parts of the affected tooth with a tiny dental drill.
  • Then, your dentist will remove all the dental bacteria that’s negatively affecting the smile, including the infected pulp and lingering debris.
  • When your tooth has been cleaned out, your dentist will fill it with a dental material known as gutta percha.
  • The final step includes a beautiful, natural-looking dental crown to seal the tooth, warding you from infections in the future.

If you’re experiencing discomfort related to your decayed or damaged tooth, don’t put off the obvious need for expert dental care.

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Here at the office of Benjamin J. Hodges, we know that dental pain is no joke. If you’ve got questions or about what could be causing your dental pain or how to address it, it’s best to schedule a visit with our office right away.


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