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Your Dentist in Pensacola Says Dental Implants to the Rescue!

March 2, 2018

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woman smiling preparing to eat appleWhen you think about replacing your missing teeth, the priority may be placed on their location. Thus, if there is space vacated in the front, you may feel more inclined to pursue a smile makeover because of the visibility. But, if you have any of your premolars (transitional teeth) missing, it is just as important to restore them. No, they aren’t as noticeable, but your dentist in Pensacola says they can cause major problems if not addressed. He highly recommends the dental implant process to restore your teeth in such situations and will explain why as you continue reading.

Why It’s Important to Restore Your Premolars

Your teeth, gums and jawbone coexist in an environment that functions on tensegrity, a shared relationship of healthy pushing and pulling. Thus, every tooth has a role in the maintenance of the whole structure. This system is how your jawbone receives the command to continue to produce new bone cells. When you lose any tooth, there is a break in the communication, less new bone is created and degeneration can occur.

There are other problems that can arise from missing teeth, especially the premolars. They result from your teeth attempting to find the tension they need to restore an equilibrium, and they are as follows:

  • Tipping – When you have dental tipping, your teeth have begun to collapse toward the area where a tooth is missing. Once again, this is because they are accustomed to having the tension applied from adjacent teeth. As this happens, it can cause an entire row to shift in a domino effect.
  • Super Eruption – A super eruption is the result of the absence of vertical tension. Thus, an opposing tooth may shift above the bite line of the other teeth in its row causing problems with occlusion (how your top and bottom teeth meet together).

What’s the Best Option for Restoration?

The best option for restoring your missing teeth is a dental implant in Pensacola. This is because it involves the surgical attachment of a strong, titanium post to your jawbone, which acts as a new root. As the bone mass fuses with this biocompatible material, the implant is anchored into position and gives the jawbone the necessary signal to once again crank up the bone making factory.

After your implant heals, your dentist can either place a permanent crown on a single implant or a bridge to replace consecutive teeth.

Not only will you once again have the full function of your mouth, but you will also look and feel better. So if you’re suffering from missing premolars or any other teeth, don’t wait around for disaster to strike. Reach out to your local dentist to restore your smile and life!

About the Author

A graduate of the Dental School at the University of Mississippi, Dr. Benjamin Hodges has been practicing dentistry for over 15 years. Still, he remains just as driven to help patients today as he did when he first graduated. Dr. Hodges can be reached for more information through his website.

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