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Dentist in Pensacola Provides Membership Plans to Help You Save

August 24, 2017

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Young girl at dentistNext to your home oral hygiene routine, regular care from your dentist in Pensacola is equally as important. However, many people must delay their appointments because they do not have insurance coverage. In fact, only 77% of Americans have dental insurance. As a result, appointments are often delayed due to financial concerns. Now, you do not have to put your oral health on hold. You can stay within your budget and visit the dentist regularly with in-office Membership Plans.

In-Office Membership Plans

At Hodges Dental Clinics, we strive to promote healthy smiles; however, we understand that financial concerns can often keep you from visiting our office. We do not want the lack of dental insurance to put your teeth and gums at risk, which is why we offer Membership Plans for the entire family.

Child Membership

Our Child Membership plan is designed for children under the age of 12. For a low monthly payment and a lifetime activation fee, your child will get two professional dental cleanings and examinations each year. This also includes necessary x-rays and fluoride treatments. It also covers one emergency exam each year. If a dental health problem does develop, you will save 10% off select treatments to rehabilitate their oral health.

Adult Membership

For those who are 13 years or older, we also offer an Adult Membership plan for a low monthly fee and activation fee. If you do not have periodontal disease, this plan is for you. You will benefit from semi-annual cleanings and checkups, including the necessary x-rays. In addition, you will save 10% off select restorative procedures and benefit from one emergency dental visit per year.

Perio Membership

As you age, your oral health needs may become a little more complex. It is not uncommon to need periodontal therapy. Now, you can get the treatment you need with our Perio Membership. This plan provides you with the exams you need, as well as three to four periodontal maintenance cleanings each year. As with the other plans, you will also save 10% off necessary treatments and have one emergency dental visit per year.

Promote Your Oral Health Today

Dental care can be quite expensive if you do not have insurance coverage. It is only natural to delay care if you find yourself in this position due to financial restrictions. Now, you do not have to avoid the dentist due to the fear of a large bill.

With the right Membership Plan, you can visit your Pensacola dentist regularly, even if you do not have dental insurance. Make your oral health a priority today with Hodges Dental Clinics.

About Dr. Benjamin J. Hodges

Dr. Benjamin Hodges completed his dental qualifications at the Dental School at the University of Mississippi. Since 2002, he has been providing comprehensive dental care to families in the area. With a mission to promote generations of healthy smiles, he provides the cost-effective solutions needed without compromising the quality of care you receive. If you do not have dental insurance, contact Hodges Dental Clinics today to discover your options.

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