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Fort Walton Beach Dentist Fixes Dental Crowns & Bridges

September 12, 2016

Dental crowns and bridges in Fort Walton Beach don’t last forever. Read how Dr. Benjamin J. Hodges brings restorations back to life.

Dental crowns and bridges in Fort Walton Beach are traditional restorations which repair, cover and protect damaged teeth or replace one or more missing teeth in a row. While these prosthetics are durable, time, wear and oral injury can compromise their structure and usefulness to the patient. Dr. Benjamin J. Hodges repairs these restorations, keeping smiles functional and beautiful and patients, comfortable and happy.

What is a Dental Crown in Fort Walton Beach?

A dental crown is a metal, porcelain fused to metal or all-ceramic jacket which covers the remaining healthy portion of a damaged or misshapen tooth. Teeth requiring this kind of restoration may be deeply decayed, have multiple fillings, are injured or have had root canal therapy.

Crowns also cover today’s superior tooth replacement option, dental implants. Plus, traditionally they have covered the abutment, or neighboring teeth, on opposite sides of fixed dental bridgework.

What is Dental Bridgework?

Dental bridgework is a restoration consisting of one or more artificial, or pontic, teeth in a row. It is supported by neighboring healthy teeth which the dentist reduces in size and covers with crowns attached to the bridge. Some bridgework is affixed to dental implants residing in the patient’s jaw bone.

Repairing Dental Bridges and Crowns

While both these restorations have an expected lifespan of 5 to 7 years or more, sometimes they break unexpectedly. If so, Dr. Benjamin Hodges and his team at Hodges Dental Clinics in Fort Walton Beach and Pensacola, FL are ready to repair or replace the prosthetics as needed.

Sometimes restorations fail because the patient has been struck in the mouth or because oral bacteria have invaded around the anchor points at the gum line. Additionally, the materials can wear out.

A patient should call Dr. Hodges right away if he or she:

  • Begins to experience dental sensitivity on or around a restored tooth
  • Feels or sees a chip or crack in the porcelain jacket or metal frame
  • Loses a piece of the prosthetic or the entire restoration

Dr. Hodges and his team make every effort to see patients with this urgent dental problem right away and to repair them or replace the appliances as warranted. Always save pieces of a broken crown or bridge and bring them to the office. Dr. Hodges may be able to repair them with bonding adhesive or composite resin. Sometimes, restorations must be completely replaced.

Good Oral Hygiene

Your daily hygiene habits at home help keep natural and restored teeth healthy and functional. Patients with crowns and bridges should carefully brush and floss around them to reduce damaging plaque and tartar that collect at the gum line and in areas where the restoration is bonded to natural tooth enamel. Also, see Dr. Hodges and his team semi-annually for oral exams and cleanings. The dentist always carefully inspects all existing restorations to ensure they are functioning, intact and attractive.

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Contact Hodges Dental Clinics today for your routine cleaning and check-up. Be sure to ask about best ways to keep your crowns and bridgework in great shape.

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