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Regular Dental Checkups & Cleanings in Pensacola

Man cleaning his teethYour dentist in Pensacola can help you avoid cavities, gum disease, and other common oral health hazards with regular preventive dentistry, and the cornerstone of every healthy smile is the six month checkup and cleaning. During this appointment, we remove the substances that cause decay and check for the early warning signs of potentially serious issues. So, now the question is: when was your last visit to Dr. Benjamin Hodges?

Healthy Smiles Rely on Preventive Dentistry

It’s best if we can stop dental problems before they start -- and that’s why we place such an emphasis on routine preventive care for patients of all ages. When we see your smile every six months, we can spot problems almost as soon as they develop. Early detection is key to providing the most conservative treatment possible.

The majority of patients should see the dentist every six months. People who are at an increased risk of developing cavities and gum disease may need to see us even more frequently. We will let you know how often you should come in to see your dentist based on your specific oral health needs.

What to Expect From a Dental Checkup & Cleaning

Each routine checkup and cleaning with Dr. Hodges begins with a refreshing cleaning. During this portion of the visit, your hygienist removes all plaque and tartar buildup that has occurred since your last appointment. Plaque is constantly forming on the surface of your teeth, and when it is not sufficiently removed every day, it turns to tartar -- the hard, yellow substance that can only be removed by a professional.

We will also take X-rays for all new patients, and at least annually after that. Your dentist will examine these comprehensive images and also perform a visual check of your teeth and surrounding oral structures to evaluate your smile health. During the routine exam, Dr. Hodges is looking out for…

If we do detect any issues during your exam, we will put together a plan to ensure you receive the follow-up treatments you need right away. We also provide high quality restorative dental care from our state-of-the-art office.

Practice Oral Hygiene At Home, Too

In addition to visiting your dentist every six months for a checkup and cleaning, make sure you are maintaining excellent dental hygiene at home. That includes brushing your teeth for two minutes, twice a day, and flossing daily. Use a fluoride toothpaste and add in an antimicrobial mouthrinse for additional cleaning. Avoid tobacco and maintain a nutritious, balanced diet for lasting oral health and wellness.

Come See Your Pensacola Dentist!

When was the last time you had a checkup and cleaning? Don’t ignore these visits -- they are crucial for your long-lasting, beautiful smile. Come see Dr. Hodges and our team today! Schedule an appointment online.