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Emergency Dentist Serving Fort Walton Beach

Man holding jaw in painDental emergencies are no laughing matter, and time is often of the essence. If you or a family member is experiencing significant oral pain or a bad injury, don’t wait – contact Hodges Dental Clinics today for fast assistance and valuable support! Our emergency dentist, Dr. Benjamin Hodges, will see your case as soon as possible, and our team can also provide information over the phone regarding how to stabilize/improve your condition and whether or not an emergency room visit is warranted.

Common Dental Emergencies

How to Preventive Dental Emergencies?

How can you prevent dental emergencies? While this isn’t always possible, there are some steps patients can take to decrease their risks and protect their oral health. These include:

Are you in need of dental assistance? Our team offers a quality, individualized approach that’s sure to give you something to smile about. We have two convenient locations in Fort Walton Beach, FL and Pensacola, FL – contact us today to schedule an appointment!