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Our Implant Dentist in Pensacola Can Place Implant Retained Dentures

senior woman apple smiling Do you have missing teeth on your upper or lower jaw? Maybe you’re completely edentulous (a patient that doesn’t have any remaining natural teeth). If you’re facing tooth loss, you know that you need a permanent solution.

Thankfully, our implant dentist in Pensacola, Dr. Benjamin J. Hodges, can use two types of restorations to provide a modern solution: dentures and dental implants to create implant retained dentures. No matter your level of tooth loss, you should schedule an appointment to speak with Dr. Hodges about how implant retained dentures can possibly help you recover your smile.

What Are They?

dental visit office chair Implant supported dentures are a tooth replacement solution for patients who have more than one missing tooth. If you have missing teeth in different parts of your smile between your natural teeth or if you have full arches of teeth that are gone, you don’t have to rely on a denture alone. Dr. Hodges will place dental implants and attach your personalized denture to your implants for prolonged stability.  

Your custom dentures are secured to the jaw, staying in place and eliminating the typical problems that dentures pose, like slippage and distasteful adhesives.

How Do You Get Them?

senior couple smiling When you consider getting dental implants for implant retained dentures, the very first step that you’ll need to complete is a consultation with Dr. Hodges. This way, he will be able to evaluate your current level of tooth loss and prepare you for your dental implant placement.

How Do They Help?

If a more secure smile isn’t enough reason to get implant retained dentures, you might want to consider these other benefits as well:

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If you are dealing with a tooth loss and it’s negatively effecting your life, there’s no need to wait for help any longer. Especially, when Dr. Hodges has the dental resources, training, and tools available to replace your teeth all within our office.  Call us today to schedule your appointment!